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05 Oct 2016


 Avoid just as one Open Relay
 Use SMTP authentication
 Limit SMTP Connections
 Activate Reverse DNS
 Use DNSBL servers
 Activate SPF
 Enable Spam URI Realtime Block Lists
 Use at least 2 MX records for failover
 Maintain local IP blacklists
 Encrypt POP3 and IMAP Authentication

1. Don't be an empty Relay

Configure your mail relay parameter to become restrictive. You can specify which domains or IP addresses your mail server will relay mail for. Put simply, this parameter specifies to whom your SMTP protocol should forward mail. Misconfiguration of this option can harm you because spammers can use your mail server (and network resources) as being a gateway for spamming others, resu lting in your getting blacklisted.

2. Use...